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File: Altz UI for Legion06-30-15
OH. MY. GOD. Dude, this is serious...
Posted By: Xaenophina
OH. MY. GOD. Dude, this is seriously THE best intro/loading screen I have ever seen, and I have seen quite few! I am oVER tHE mOON happy that this UI is back. It has brought me joy towards the game and made me enjoy grinding, raiding, PvP'ing (the RARE times I do that). But most of all, it has brought the perfect amount of simplicit...
File: Altz UI for Legion01-23-15
Coming back for Warlords of Draenor?
Posted By: Xaenophina
Hey dude! As you might have seen, you have a lot of thirsty fans here wanting your UI for WoD! :D PLEASE update <3
File: Excezzy UI 5.404-04-14
Posted By: Xaenophina
Hello Excezzy! I have downloaded your UI, after the latest update. I find the UI being very nice, but when I switch the Elvui profile to Excezzy, the unitframes does not look like the ones on your screenshot. I tried installing Elvui_Enhanced Shadows and it starts looking a little bit like yours, but then also the chat panels? Do...
File: MayronUI Gen512-16-13
Chat frame
Posted By: Xaenophina
Hey! Thanks for the amazing UI, but I have 1 problem with it so far. When I do /mui bonus and make the chat go to bottom left corner I can't see when I type something, nor can I scroll to see what someone just said? It is the same with when the chat is top left, I can't see what anyone writes at all. When the chat is at top left, I c...
File: Old non working ui05-30-13
Hello Lorgok! I recently downloaded...
Posted By: Xaenophina
Hello Lorgok! I recently downloaded your UI package, and read the "Readme" file, and did everything that was written there. But now as I log onto my druid, in the upper left corner there is a mark like Victory Rush (the Warrior spell) sitting there. I don't know how I can get it away, or what addon that may be? Here is a picture of i...