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File: mbXtremeUI 5.011-25-13
Ui looks amazing but i need help =(
Posted By: xcureanddisease
I have no idea how to configure this. Ive been on the wow UI for 4 years. I dont know how to configure it for 1366 X 768(wide) can someone please help me
File: Roth UI (Diablo)05-30-13
how do I move cast bar and where are chat arrows/social icon
Posted By: xcureanddisease
Hello! Well this UI is pretty freaking awesome!!! Im just trying to tweak it out a bit more. Im having trouble moving the enemy cast bar. I cant seem to find the option for that in /diablo or /rabs. Unless im doing something wrong. Also I want my social icon (letter O by default) to appear and the chat arrows to appear. Just so I won...