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File: Bagnon02-23-09
Re: Re: Re: Bagnon_Forever/Tooltips w/ Guild Bank?
Posted By: Lohv
Nevermind, already requested!
File: ItemRack06-28-08
There seems to be an obscure bug wh...
Posted By: Lohv
There seems to be an obscure bug when you zone (in and out of an instance of any type, but also when you load into the game): it appears that the first *hidden* set you have save will be equipped. This happens on both of my characters: my druid automatically equips her charm of swift flight (her flight set is her top-most "hidden" s...
File: ItemRack06-23-08
Hi Gello, First of all thanks for...
Posted By: Lohv
Hi Gello, First of all thanks for the addon. Second, I wanted to draw your attention to this API function: http://www.wowwiki.com/API_IsInInstance Instead of checking the name of the zone in the "PvP" event you can simply check the second return value of IsInInstance(). This also opens the way for a "PvE" event. The value returned...
File: PricePer01-08-08
It appears that the current downloa...
Posted By: Lohv
It appears that the current download from WoWAce is missing the AceConsole embed.
File: Auditor11-29-07
Hey Alarisha and thanks for your wo...
Posted By: Lohv
Hey Alarisha and thanks for your work. I was wondering if you would consider adding the guild bank to the tally. Eg. look at how much money is in the guild bank, compare it with the rank's daily money allowance, and take the minimum of the two to include in the tooltip. That would be great I think. Thanks in advance!
File: LinksList11-25-07
Re: One Package?
Posted By: Lohv
Originally posted by Emowabi I love Saeris's work. I think an enhancement to the delivery system could be putting all the addons in one file, a la Auctioneer, Xperl, etc. It would be a tremendous help to download the entire suite rather than look for all the related addons. I'm going to have to agree here. I loved the previous...
File: Bongos211-19-07
I'm getting some actions blocked by...
Posted By: Lohv
I'm getting some actions blocked by Bongos: 11/18 04:23:52.218 An action was blocked in combat because of taint from Bongos2_CastBar - :SetWidth() 11/18 04:23:52.218 Interface\AddOns\Bongos2_CastBar\bar.lua:25 BongosCastBar:AdjustWidth() 11/18 04:23:52.218 Interface\AddOns\Bongos2_CastBar\bar.lua:65 11/18 04...
File: Bongos211-14-07
Originally posted by syntaxed if...
Posted By: Lohv
Originally posted by syntaxed if you go down that road you will lose alot of users. I've always loved how people can't just state an opinion or feedback; they have to prophesy the downfall of all humanity at the same time. Not to mention, the option that's making you so angry can easily be disabled.
File: Bagnon11-14-07
Here's a funky error I got: - Talk...
Posted By: Lohv
Here's a funky error I got: - Talk to a vendor. - With the vendor window open, click Disenchant (make your hand cursor glow) - Right-click on a grey item in your bags. You get an error message: "Bagnon has been blocked from an action only available to the Blizzard UI. You can disable this addon and reload your UI." Clearly...
File: PartyTarget11-14-07
It seems PartyTarget is causing err...
Posted By: Lohv
It seems PartyTarget is causing errors in combat. I enabled my addon taint log and looking at my log file I see pages upon pages of: 11/14 03:32:05.500 An action was blocked in combat because of taint from PartyTarget - SecureStateDriverManager:SetAttribute() 11/14 03:32:05.500 Interface\FrameXML\SecureStateDriver.lua:33 Re...
File: PartyTarget11-13-07
It actually seems to be working gre...
Posted By: Lohv
It actually seems to be working great now in the latest version. Not sure what happened before. Thanks a bunch! :D
File: PartyTarget11-10-07
Those problems seem to be fixed :)...
Posted By: Lohv
Those problems seem to be fixed :) However, I don't seem to be getting party targets at all anymore even with the option checked :(
File: PartyTarget11-06-07
I still seem to be getting errors i...
Posted By: Lohv
I still seem to be getting errors if Excavator is not present, eg. line 263 in TargetFrames.lua. Also, under those conditions the setting not to show target of target won't stick. If I uncheck the box and click Apply, PT's target of target always show in addition to the Blizzard Target of Target. Thanks in advance for looking into...
File: PartyTarget09-28-07
Hey Valconeye, Thanks for the up...
Posted By: Lohv
Hey Valconeye, Thanks for the update. There's a little problem however (not new in 1.0): if you don't have Excavator loaded, PartyTarget starts throwing errors. On lines 806 and 913 of TargetFrames.lua, you should check if (Excavator) before dereferencing it. That should fix it. Thanks again! Edit: line 770 also.
File: Examiner09-11-07
Posted By: Lohv
The combined/average item level feature is very nice. However, do you think you could use Warmath for this, rather than straight up item levels? http://wiki.subcreation.net/warmath/warmath-adjusted-itemlevel In short, each slot has a certain coefficient when determining its stats, so that for instance a level 120 epic chest wil...
File: ItemRack 2.16 (Old version don't download)07-15-07
Hey Gello and thanks for the update...
Posted By: Lohv
Hey Gello and thanks for the update. It's good to see you back. I know you're not really into modding much anymore but I was wondering if you could please add a trinket bar like TrinketMenu had so I can see which trinkets are currently equipped and what their cooldowns are without having to setup macros to show me my trinket slots...
File: Proximo07-15-07
This addon definitely seems better...
Posted By: Lohv
This addon definitely seems better than ArenaMaster but it would be great if it could synchronize with ArenaMaster and Nurfed_Arena. Thanks!
File: Aspected Again12-15-06
I have a simple question: is it pos...
Posted By: Lohv
I have a simple question: is it possible now with the 2.0 API to make logical decisions when creating buttons? I had my own modified version of Aspected which checked if you already had Monkey/Hawk, and if you had one of those, pressing the same key again would not turn off the aspect, among other customizations. I'd like to know if...
File: Bagnon12-07-06
Thanks Tuller :)
Posted By: Lohv
Thanks Tuller :)
File: Bagnon12-07-06
Bank slot purchase bug?
Posted By: Lohv
If you click either Hide or Show Bags the Purchase button disappears. This means that if you: - Open the bank with your bags shown, and click Hide Bags, then the Purchase button disappears. - Open the bank with your bags hidden, and click Show bags, then the Purchase button disappears. Otherwise I have to agree with others. I co...
File: Sorren's Timers12-07-06
Posted By: Lohv
Here's the error: it's easily reproducible by creating a new character and logging on. http://img222.imageshack.us/img222/7369/sorrenhj0.jpg
File: Sorren's Timers12-06-06
Initial load
Posted By: Lohv
Hi Sorren and thanks for coming back. This addon seems to be working great except I loaded it on my Druid with freshly downloaded addons (new Interface folder) and a blank WTF folder and I got an error the first time. The error hasn't come back since. I'm sorry I can't be of any more help and obviously it's no big deal but I thoug...
File: FuBar - BattlegroundFu08-28-06
Sometimes my battleground score sto...
Posted By: Lohv
Sometimes my battleground score stops updating until I display the scoreboard, then everything works again. Not sure how to reproduce... I hope this addon is still being developed as I couldn't live without it. Thanks in advance.
File: FuBar - HonorFu08-23-06
ckknight, thanks for this addon....
Posted By: Lohv
ckknight, thanks for this addon. Another change you might want to keep in mind is kill honor diminishes at a rate of 10% per kill now, so 100%, 90%, 80%, etc. rather than 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, and 0%.
File: FruityLoots07-19-06
Re: error immediately on login
Posted By: Lohv
Originally posted by speak on any char, immediately on login i get this error: AceEvent-2.0: Cannot unregister an event that you are not registered with. FruityLoots is the only ace2 mod i have atm. I'm getting this error also on startup, but not every startup. FruityLoots continues to work properly so I'm not sure what caus...