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A little help.
Posted By: Blooum
Hello! Thanks for the answer about the threat meter, its solved now. I have two question you hopefully could answer me. 1. In a party, with 5 man totally, the party layout shows who's the healer,tank and dps. But in 10m and 25m it doesent. Sometimes its abit frustrating to not know who the healers are in the raid. How do I c...
File: ElvUI Kkthnx06-13-13
Threat bar?
Posted By: Blooum
Hey! First of all, thanks for the awsome UI! I use it as tank/healer and it works really good. But.. I have 1 thing that I really need, that is the threat bar. It doesent show down to the left anymore since the new update. Or is it just me? Is there a way to make nameplates BIG if you dont have aggro and SMALL when you do h...