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File: Altz UI07-22-17
Hey! Is it possible to change th...
Posted By: alexpop
Hey! Is it possible to change the chat font? Or is it possible to ignore AltzUI fonts and use whatever i have Interface-Fonts? Edit: Disabled it in Aurora, but still have a problem. I want to know if it's possible to remove the THINOUTLINE?
File: Battle Pet Daily Tamer12-22-13
Hi! After installing this addon...
Posted By: alexpop
Hi! After installing this addon most of my pet tamers(low levels) got removed from the map. Even tried deleting this addon, the tamers wont occur on the map again. Is there any option in this addon that will show every single tamers i've talked to? Hoping someone could help me out. Here's a pic: http://imgur.com/JUhXiDG A...