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File: Darkmoon Professional11-02-14
Re: Re: Re: fantastic!
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Cool! But woud it be possible to only display this broker in the bar when the Darkmoon is up? Like reading it out of the calender? :D I'll look into it. The addon does keep track of whether the Faire is up anyway (through the Calendar). =)
File: Darkmoon Professional07-08-13
Re: fantastic!
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thank you so much for writing this! and you updated it before i had time to come to the site and post about 'mild spices' thanks x2 for that :) Glad you like it. =) I hadn't found an addon to help me keep track, so I figured I might as well take a stab at it myself... And the Mild Spices were a major brain-hiccup that I di...
File: QuestGuru06-30-13
Achievement Tracker Bug
Posted By: OneSoulLegion
Having the same problem as many others with the achievement tracking going wrong. Looking at the error you get (trying to work with a nil value) and the fact that it happens only on reload (ie whenever you hit a loading screen like when entering an instance or switching continents), I'm guessing it happens with a sync inssue, that...