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File: Aurora08-30-15
black text
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Seem to have black text in dialog boxes http://oi61.tinypic.com/296okef.jpg
File: LeilaUI - 16:10 - 4:3 OLD07-10-13
Thanks. Well, I'm also having a...
Posted By: RoHSBose
Thanks. Well, I'm also having a problem copying a saved profile over to my other 9 characters. I edit one, log out of wow, copy that characters folder, in the WTF folder, and copy it over to the other characters. Log into one of the other characters and the UI is all over the place, log back into the main character I made the cha...
File: LeilaUI - 16:10 - 4:3 OLD07-03-13
Excellent UI... I've been modif...
Posted By: RoHSBose
Excellent UI... I've been modifying it to my taste, but how do I move the Player and Target nameplates?