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File: Power Auras Classic v4 - MoP Version07-12-13
Posted By: Pellaaearien
I figured out the problem - I hadn't set it to track enemies so it was tracking on myself. Derp. Thank you so much for all your help!:)
File: Power Auras Classic v4 - MoP Version07-11-13
Posted By: Pellaaearien
http://s7.postimg.org/6lny0w20r/Wo_WScrn_Shot_071113_120004.jpg This is my setup for Rupture. I have selected invert but the aura does not disappear once Rputure has been applied. Not sure if there's another option I'm missing. Thanks!
File: Power Auras Classic v4 - MoP Version07-10-13
More trouble
Posted By: Pellaaearien
Thanks for the prompt reply. I checked the invert option (I was just blind,) however, once the aura goes on it never goes away. Also I tried using the invert timer for the deadly poison and all it does is make it flash at random times.
File: Power Auras Classic v4 - MoP Version07-08-13
Show when inactive?
Posted By: Pellaaearien
Hi, I just downloaded 4.23.29 and I'm having trouble finding the 'show when inactive' option (I want to set it up to tell me when things like inquisition and rupture fall off.) Am I just blind?