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File: NugComboBar07-18-13
NugComboBar.lua Hey, I chang...
Posted By: QandA
NugComboBar.lua Hey, I changed the class self:SetMaxPoints(5) of monk to self:SetMaxPoints(5, "PALADIN"). However I keep getting this error when I log on on my Monk. Message: ..\AddOns\NugComboBar\NugComboBar.lua line 189: function arguments expected near ':'
File: NugComboBar07-16-13
find self:SetMaxPoints(5) statement...
Posted By: QandA
find self:SetMaxPoints(5) statement for your class, make it self:SetMaxPoints(5, "PALADIN") Newb here.Where can I exactly find this statement? Thanks for the fast reply.
File: NugComboBar07-15-13
Hey, does anyone know how to set th...
Posted By: QandA
Hey, does anyone know how to set the bar (5 point generator) to make the 3rd point be the biggest like the paladin one? Thanks in advance.