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File: Rematch05-29-15
Thank You
Posted By: PeterGunn
This has nothing to do with anything except I want to say Thanks Gello for one of the best addons I have ever had and have ever used. I find it an invaluable tool and if I lost rematch I would be lost. I look forward to trying this new feature and will post my response. Thank You again Gello!!!!!
File: Fizzwidget Feed-O-Matic04-23-15
You're trying to feed your pet cage...
Posted By: PeterGunn
You're trying to feed your pet caged critters? You, sir, are hardcore. Either that or your pet is. (I'll look into this bug.) OMG!!! ROFLMAO! Thank you so much for making my day today!
File: Myslot04-21-15
THis is a great one.... Have loved...
Posted By: PeterGunn
THis is a great one.... Have loved it for some time. How about an update?
File: Auto Shout Out Neo04-11-15
Update for WoD
Posted By: PeterGunn
Any updates for WOD --- Got a healer that would love this wish I had seen it earlier!
File: Healer Mana Watch04-10-15
Possible Improvement
Posted By: PeterGunn
This is almost exactly what one of my healers has been asking for except one thing missing. Is there a possible way to add a warning when mana reaches say 20% in instance/raid or even Yell in chat to notify other members?
File: IceHUD02-12-15
Just to update I let Minion update...
Posted By: PeterGunn
Just to update I let Minion update again and it did the same thing again. I re downloaded with the curse client and it wrote over the Icehud Guile thing and fixed the issue. I will post it on the Minion feedback just an FYI if you do not know Minion is part of Wow Interface so really I think the Author should report the conflict. Min...
File: IceHUD02-12-15
A little research!
Posted By: PeterGunn
I did a little snooping and just looked for other addons with HUD in the title and found in the list. I DID not download this, but I have a suspicion that may warrant the owner looking into. I think the New Minion incarnation may have added this with an update....
File: IceHUD02-12-15
I am getting the same thing and no...
Posted By: PeterGunn
I am getting the same thing and no I have not added anything. Icehud is not working at all anymore! 25x IceHUD\modules\BanditsGuile.lua:1: Usage: GetLocale(application): 'application' - No locales registered for 'IceHUD' : ? ...cedIconSelector\Libs\AceLocale-3.0\AceLocale-3.0-6.lua:134: in function `GetLocale' IceHUD\modules\Ba...
File: Colored Garrison Hearthstone01-06-15
Hell Yeah!!!
Posted By: PeterGunn
That was not only fast but sweet. TY so much!
File: Channel Rejoiner01-05-15
Posted By: PeterGunn
Exactly what I was looking for!
File: GuildBlock(er)11-19-14
Re: Re: Still working
Posted By: PeterGunn
Is this addon still working or has it come to a complete stop? I would like to use it, but I see the last update was 2012! Just ran some testing on it, fixed a few minor things and it's working fine. Updated the TOC. Thanks for the interest and reminder :) - Chrome67 (aka Rhusty @ Emerald Dream - US) O.o Hellz yeah..... I...
File: MyGuildNotes11-19-14
@PeterGunn Still working for me in...
Posted By: PeterGunn
@PeterGunn Still working for me in 5.4. The thing with the "everyone quit the guild" error is something I've encountered on every similar addon after a patch, and for me it resolves itself without any action needed. Losing one scan per patch doesn't make my life unliveable (guild size is 600). Apart from "load out-of-date addons" y...
File: Auto Safari Hat11-05-14
Answer to your question I would say...
Posted By: PeterGunn
Answer to your question I would say in simple terms "YES", but the author is putting a lot of nice extras in there and I am keeping it installed for the time being. I like the PetBattleTeams integration even though I use another add-on to handle teams it is making me think of switching.
File: QuestHelper10-29-14
Re: QuestHelper does not support private servers?
Posted By: PeterGunn
I'm getting this message? I play on malfurion, I'm pretty sure that's a public server so how do I fix this? None of the addons listed should support Private servers and if they do it is probably just luck. It may even be a violation of the Wowinterface rules for a designer to make an add-on specifically for a Private server!
File: FriendsWithBenefits10-24-14
All of the addons by Tekkub are aba...
Posted By: PeterGunn
All of the addons by Tekkub are abandoned pretty much with the exceptions of a few that another author maybe keeping them up. It is a shame there are some nice ones!
File: AGT - Automatic Goblin Therapist10-23-14
TY TY TY and a question!
Posted By: PeterGunn
First off thank you so much for reviving this little guy from the grave! I love it so much! SO on to the issues I see. When I go to the options screen in the wow interface and the first time I could click the options, but when I try to scale it on the second tab in the AGT options. Nothing changes. So I reload the UI and the options...
File: MuchMoreMacro10-17-14
Re: Re: Patch Update!!
Posted By: PeterGunn
Any updates??? Is something broken? Guess not now lol!!!! TY
File: TauntMaster10-17-14
Coould not resist!
Posted By: PeterGunn
Yes, it is dead. A final update was posted through the Curse Client that throws an error upon login. The entire .lua currently consists of this code: --local unit = ... if event == "PLAYER_LOGIN" then DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("TauntMaster: shut down.") DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("TauntMaster sh...
File: Rematch10-17-14
If any are wondering why you can't...
Posted By: PeterGunn
If any are wondering why you can't empty slots anymore (either manually or with teams that contain empty slots), either addons are no longer able to empty slots or I've not discovered a way to do so. The "Empty Missing" option and the "Empty Slot" right-click menu item are removed, and when a team with empty slots loads, those slo...
File: Auto Safari Hat10-16-14
Temp fix
Posted By: PeterGunn
I love the addon myself but in the meantime I made a keybind to interact with target. If you bring up options then Keybindings then Targeting look for "Interact with Target". I keybound that to my ":" (semicolon) on the keyboard! Just thought it a rather unused key! Then made a Macro as follows remember replace the semicolon with wha...
File: Panda10-15-14
Posted By: PeterGunn
I have been using this addon for years. I love it, but with out the hope of an update I think it has outlived it's lifespan. Hopefully an "OFFICIAL" update or maybe a nice Fan update to make sure it is correct for WOD! Thanks for years of great service Pandaman!
File: Rematch10-08-14
Sharing Teams
Posted By: PeterGunn
I was wondering with the ability to share teams for specific boss fights. Is there a place we can share teams or will they let us do it here? I would love to get a few other teams and see how they work.
File: PlayerScore / GearScore09-17-14
i've got an idea. don't spend so m...
Posted By: PeterGunn
i've got an idea. don't spend so much time worry about how other people are geared. admit it, it doesn't really matter all that much, and no one gives a crap about what gear you are wearing. problem solved. You Sir are a moron when you putting together a raid every member needs to be prepared. If lets say a tank or healer are in...
File: MyGuildNotes09-01-14
Incorrect Dates and Notes!
Posted By: PeterGunn
Considering the date of the last update I thought this and the MOTD would be updated or close too. I have to run it with Load Out of Date Addons checked. That is not so much of an issue as when I pull up My Guild Notes it has the incorrect date for the guild's creation and is showing almost everybody quit the guild including the GM!...
File: BadBoy: Anti Spam Blocker & Reporter09-01-14
Guild Blocker
Posted By: PeterGunn
Is there a way to block an entire guild with this?