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File: PlayerScore / GearScore09-17-14
i've got an idea. don't spend so m...
Posted By: PeterGunn
i've got an idea. don't spend so much time worry about how other people are geared. admit it, it doesn't really matter all that much, and no one gives a crap about what gear you are wearing. problem solved. You Sir are a moron when you putting together a raid every member needs to be prepared. If lets say a tank or healer are in...
File: MyGuildNotes09-01-14
Incorrect Dates and Notes!
Posted By: PeterGunn
Considering the date of the last update I thought this and the MOTD would be updated or close too. I have to run it with Load Out of Date Addons checked. That is not so much of an issue as when I pull up My Guild Notes it has the incorrect date for the guild's creation and is showing almost everybody quit the guild including the GM!...
File: BadBoy: Anti Spam Blocker & Reporter09-01-14
Guild Blocker
Posted By: PeterGunn
Is there a way to block an entire guild with this?
File: GuildBlock09-01-14
Still working
Posted By: PeterGunn
Is this addon still working or has it come to a complete stop? I would like to use it, but I see the last update was 2012!
File: LockSmith03-10-14
Dead Addon?
Posted By: PeterGunn
So this one is dead?
File: Konfer PUG Edition02-26-14
Glad you like the addon, thank you...
Posted By: PeterGunn
Glad you like the addon, thank you :) Not trying to tell you how to run your guild or anything but what is the difference between "Need" and "Main Spec"? Seems to me like you are introducing a layer of complexity that achieves nothing except the complexity. I dont think an additional tier will add much value to the mod. I try to k...
File: Guild Bounty Hunter02-14-14
Posted By: PeterGunn
Okay I know I know I have read the other comments so I see where the post's are asking for more instructions. At first I thought it was not working, but I finally found the Icon on my minimap (please add the ability to select options from the interface panel also) I don't like using minimap buttons. I use titan panel for that! Also s...
File: AltsMail01-06-14
Posted By: PeterGunn
I have been using the add-on Postal for years now and even with support completely gone for it I have been updating the TOC file to keep it going for myself. With the zero support for postal now I have been looking for something to replace postal with. If there is any chance of this growing I want to keep my eye on it. This looks lik...
File: SymbiosisTip12-11-13
Love it. Fast reliable and right th...
Posted By: PeterGunn
Love it. Fast reliable and right there. Is there anyway to resize the tip window I would love it to fit maybe the same size as the normal tip window.
File: LightHeaded12-11-13
One of the Grateful
Posted By: PeterGunn
I can second any and all grateful comments. I have used this add-on for a long time. I wish longer because I originally started using Curse when I started playing then I found Wow-Interface and was looking for something to keep me from having to switch in and out to Google something I needed on a quest. This is one of those amazing a...
File: TauntMaster11-13-13
Posted By: PeterGunn
Is Tauntmaster officially dead or is it actually being worked on. I have used it for years and I see it is removed from Curse and CurseForge has a notice there. Would love to see it moved back into my arsenal!
File: MuchMoreMacro09-13-13
Patch Update!!
Posted By: PeterGunn
Any updates???
File: Panda07-16-13
Is there any chance of n official u...
Posted By: PeterGunn
Is there any chance of n official update? I have change the TOC to 50300 so I don't have to load out of date add-on, but I just like the official update. Oh it works fine with just changing the TOC file.