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File: ViksUI12-22-15
Please Help....
Posted By: vickie_2191
First I have to say I love your UI. I love how clean and crisp it looks. But I am dummy took me two whole days to find where I can watch my quests lol. Blonde girl right here. Anyway I would like to make the chat boxes a little larger is there a way to do that? And how do I move the pet battle bar also? Thank you in advance
File: Qarth UI10-19-14
Default Raid options
Posted By: vickie_2191
Hi. First I love this UI have been using for at least 6 months. The only issue is for some reason I cannot remove the default party/raid group. I want to only use OUF and Grid can you tell me where to find that option with in this ui.
File: EoUI07-24-13
error #132
Posted By: vickie_2191
I keep getting this error when i close wow since i added this ui i really like it and want to use it can you please help.... ERROR #132(0X85100084) Fatal exception! Program: C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\WoW-64.exe ProcessID: 2868 Exception: 0xc0000005 (ACCESS_VIOLATION) at 0033:000000013FB0A5DB The instrucion at...