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File: Voice Encounter Mods (VEM) - MOP12-05-13
Re: Keep it up
Posted By: Iceoven
My first donation on wowinterface went out to this addon. Thanks for making something great like DBM into something terrific. Glad you like it. Thank you very much.
File: Voice Encounter Mods (VEM) - MOP11-03-13
PVP module has completely been remo...
Posted By: Iceoven
PVP module has completely been removed now. No one in the team wanted to maintain pvp module, so...
File: Voice Encounter Mods (VEM) - MOP09-22-13
Re: How Do I Diable Timers to Avoid Overlap Issue?
Posted By: Iceoven
How exactly do you disable the timer bars on either DBM or VEM? On the 'bars' config page, there doesn't seem to be a way to turn them off. In each bosses' config? Probably not a good idea to use both of them together anyway... May I ask why you need both VEM and DBM running at the same time? If it's reasonable and critical we may...
File: Voice Encounter Mods (VEM) - MOP08-06-13
Is there a way to increase the volu...
Posted By: Iceoven
Is there a way to increase the volume of the woman's voice outside of the WoW ingame options? see Not sure if that's the answer you're looking for but as I know that's how I turn the voice up.
File: Voice Encounter Mods (VEM) - MOP07-27-13
I downloaded this addon yesterday a...
Posted By: Iceoven
I downloaded this addon yesterday and used during our H-ToT. It worked really, really well (especially for H-Jikun). I've always been interested in voice announcements instead of just reading text. When you are too busy dodging stuff or healing to pay 100% attention to boss timers, this is definitely where the addon shines. My dps...