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File: QuestGuru08-03-13
Re: Author Wanted! Send PM to Gregity to Apply
Posted By: chersun
... So, I'm looking for a replacement author to take over this AddOn. I'll stay on until somebody steps forward but I do not have the time to do anything with the mod and it deserves a better hand at the wheel than I can provide. Please send me a PM if you are interested. ... Would love to help. Unfortunately, I don't know L...
File: QuestGuru07-28-13
Hangs up keyboard input of reload
Posted By: chersun
Hi. First of all - thank you for the addon, it's one of must have mods. Now, back to the issue. Recently my WoW started to hang up pretty oftenly. It loads up, everything works finely, but, it won't react to mouse or keyboard. Later I found that I still can press buttons on mods using mouse, like Bartender, but WoW itself won't...