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File: Clean Icons - Thin08-02-13
Did what you suggested and the issu...
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Did what you suggested and the issue still persists. Also cleared WoW cache, WTF and add-ons folder just to be on the safe side. Downloaded the 5.2 Clean Icons and there is no issue there. When copying the 5.2 files (copy + replace) into the 5.3 folders the issue disappears. I have no idea what's causing it, my computer skills are fa...
File: Clean Icons - Thin08-01-13
Pet Battle Icons
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Since changing to the new Clean Icons - Thin the petbattle icon in the chat tab and in the minimap tracker is a green square instead of the usual paw. The paw is still available on the actual minimap however. Linking a screenshot. I did test without any other add-ons (mentioning it since the screenshot shows ElvUI enabled) and the i...