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File: Birg's Mage UI #212-24-14
Posted By: Ginji
can i update all addons by myself? Because i have some bugs. overall a brilliant UI =) http://puu.sh/dI169/dc1ad3194c.jpg
File: Hexxtra UI12-29-13
awesome UI :D can't test it now bec...
Posted By: Ginji
awesome UI :D can't test it now because i stopped playing but i will come back with the new Addon and I hope you will keep this UI up2date untill i play ;D sincerely a great fan of your Kaytemoss UI :3
File: Handy Notes POI: Rar Mobs, NPCs, Koch Quests, Pet Trainer09-14-13
Re: Handy Notes POI Update for 5.4
Posted By: Ginji
As always all notes are in German! Check http://www.wowhead.com/guide=1132/glorious-rare-elites-of-pandaria For an english but none Ingame version. Timeless Isle: - added all Rar Mobs - added some of the chest - added Quest - added special Vendors and Items super geil das du weiter machst =) :)
File: ShestakUI_OzEdit08-21-13
will your edit up to date in the ne...
Posted By: Ginji
will your edit up to date in the next expansions?
File: VxtUI08-20-13
Posted By: Ginji
2,000 downloads WOOT! your UI is awesome :D so why not :3:banana::D:D