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File: DuffedUI v811-14-15
Posted By: Ginji
Hello Do you planning to play Legion? And will you keep this addon up to date? I really like it but i dont want to use it if you dont plan to update this in Legion. And is it possible to put an addon like rarity in one of the datatext slots? mfg Ginji
File: Birg's Mage UI #212-24-14
Posted By: Ginji
can i update all addons by myself? Because i have some bugs. overall a brilliant UI =) http://puu.sh/dI169/dc1ad3194c.jpg
File: Hexxtra UI12-29-13
awesome UI :D can't test it now bec...
Posted By: Ginji
awesome UI :D can't test it now because i stopped playing but i will come back with the new Addon and I hope you will keep this UI up2date untill i play ;D sincerely a great fan of your Kaytemoss UI :3
File: Handy Notes POI: Rar Mobs, NPCs, Koch Quests, Pet Trainer09-14-13
Re: Handy Notes POI Update for 5.4
Posted By: Ginji
As always all notes are in German! Check http://www.wowhead.com/guide=1132/glorious-rare-elites-of-pandaria For an english but none Ingame version. Timeless Isle: - added all Rar Mobs - added some of the chest - added Quest - added special Vendors and Items super geil das du weiter machst =) :)
File: ShestakUI_OzEdit08-21-13
will your edit up to date in the ne...
Posted By: Ginji
will your edit up to date in the next expansions?
File: VxtUI08-20-13
Posted By: Ginji
2,000 downloads WOOT! your UI is awesome :D so why not :3:banana::D:D