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File: GnomeSequencer02-29-16
So still a problem with the Macro !...
Posted By: Sh!nZ0n
So still a problem with the Macro ! If I do not have Prog for Frostfire Bolt Frostfire Bolt then will I cast Instant Prog then he will not cast why is that ??? Furthermore Ice lance only regularly performed when not prog !! Sequences = { StepFunction = ]], PreMacro = /cast summon water elemental /petattack ]], PostMac...
File: GnomeSequencer02-28-16
i am stupid ???
Posted By: Sh!nZ0n
Hello everybody, I get my Frostmage single and AoE Rota simply not to run . ! local _, Sequences = ... -- Don't touch this ---- -- Rename this file to Sequences.lua before you get started, it uses a different file name so as not to overwrite your existing file with a future update. -- Every entry in the Sequences table d...
File: oUF_Qulight08-10-13
Castbar moving under the Player and Target Frame ???
Posted By: Sh!nZ0n
hi Nice unit frame! But I would like the cast bars for the player and the target frame under the frame where do I find it in the config file? http://abload.de/img/pframe90zv2.png Thank you