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File: oUF Abu02-27-18
Re: 7.3.5
Posted By: kinmor
Any updates for 7.3.5? you can get it from here: https://github.com/Sticklord/oUF_Abu
File: oUF Abu02-11-18
oUF_Abu Update, works well with pat...
Posted By: kinmor
oUF_Abu Update, works well with patch 7.3.5 :banana: https://github.com/Sticklord/oUF_Abu rename "oUF_Abu-master" to "oUF_Abu" and you can still use the old "oUF_AbuOptions" :D
File: SuperVillain UI08-27-15
Bodyguard Frame
Posted By: kinmor
Sorry but how can i activate the Bodyguard Frame. I didn't find anything in the Options Menu.