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File: Mono UI07-22-14
Re: Re: UF Bg Looks different.
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Stuff was here Thank you for that..works great changing the line...
File: Mono UI07-19-14
UF Bg Looks different.
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I have a small problem with the unit frames. In the picture they have a light grey bg, but for some reason I am seeing the same color bg as the health...aside from the spark I cannot determin missing health... Pic= Top Mono info pic....Bottom Mine http://i.imgur.com/Q2Cb0uh.png Edit: It seems to only happen sometimes....it w...
File: Lorti UI10-08-13
First off I love this!!! :):):):)...
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First off I love this!!! :):):):) The only thing I am having issues with is the pet frame. Is there a way to move it? I use move anything to move other things but it will not work on the pet frame for some reason. Seems perma docked to the player frame. Is there a bit of code or something I can change to move it down under th...