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File: Caith UI08-18-13
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Is there a way to just simply add your border to pitbull, I am having terrible difficulities figguring it out.
File: Vytle UI version 2.008-18-13
Please help
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I also posted this issue in the Vtyle thread, but for the chance of greater reply I will post here as well: I am using your interface v1 (not the new one) and I did everything as instructed in the ReadMe.txt file. The thing was working perfectly(almost). I added some of my addons on top of it, configured my "personal preferences"...
File: Vytle [Caith UI MoP Update]08-18-13
I sware to god I am helpless...
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Okay I really need your help with this: I am using your UI, but not all of it, I just used the downloaded folder, did what you described in instructions and built my other addons on top of it. Here is my problem: I've configured my interface so that Pitbull and KGPanels are using Caith border for nameplates/panel borders, which...