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File: QuestGuru11-16-14
Quest Tracker
Posted By: Maleena
Really, really missing Quest Guru Tracker. Sorha quest log just doesn't do it for me. PLEASE get yours up and running! ;)
File: Bongos Skinned Map10-07-07
Posted By: Maleena
I love this mod and I really want it to work but I've found a few things since updating to your most recent version. It was working fine when I first installed but as time went on a few things started to happen. Upon logging in, on occasion, my bars do not load (yes, they are the most current version of Bongos and yes, of course the...
File: Bongos Skinned Map09-16-07
Border/Mail Icon Problems
Posted By: Maleena
I don't know what it is with this mod but everytime I download the most recent update, I have problems with my map border not showing up. With the latest update, I can't get my mail icon to show up. I always delete the existing file before downloading the update, I check all my options to make sure everything is as it should be...