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File: Vacant UI - Become a Better Player07-19-16
For anybody wondering, I plan on up...
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For anybody wondering, I plan on uploading several updates in the coming days for anything that may be affected by tomorrow's patch. As always, thank you all for the continued interest in the UI. Came here just for this. Thanks for the hard work :)! STOKED! :banana:
File: BlkUI11-06-14
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Is this being updated/maintained for WoD? Come back Blacksad!
File: BlkUI09-08-13
Random Boxes?
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Just a quick thing (I've gone through the addons and couldn't find anything), how do I fix these? http://i.imgur.com/pVLSsjX.jpg Green: I switched my Bartender4 bars around and now there's random borders. I just want to get rid of the borders. Blue: VuhDo never seems to load properly. It always comes out like that. How do I fi...