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File: MiirGui Texture Pack [Blue]11-06-15
Statitpopup window 1.. not so static?
Posted By: brittmarie
Nevermind - was aurora bugging it out.
File: Hurpdadurps multiclass UI pack10-20-13
First time uploading!
Posted By: brittmarie
This was my first time ever uploading my UI, I'm quite sure that there's something wrong, that I'm currently unable to figure out myself right now. I'm assuming it's got something to do with the fact that the profiles / weakaura strings where copied in on different profiles (like the kui nameplates profile is for when my rogue was...
File: whoa UnitFrames09-22-13
So, I just went back to whoa unitfr...
Posted By: brittmarie
So, I just went back to whoa unitframes after using elvui becuase of the skins I got on my weakauras, anywho, I've solved the skin issue, and one annoying problem I had was that whenever I reloaded my UI and focused someone, it went huge and moves it, here's a screenshot. How I have it: http://i.imgur.com/1bHFYCF.jpg How it end...