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File: Vacant UI - Become a Better Player04-10-15
First of all thanks for this awesom...
Posted By: Horcane
First of all thanks for this awesome UI.... but i have a big Issue. The Dungeon Finder UI is not clickable.... so i cant queue up for any pvp battle. http://i.imgur.com/J4rmjJY.jpg No other Addons installed... only from your package Reload - didnt work disable Aurora - didnt work disable Postal - didnt work Any ide...
File: Gliff UI09-27-13
Annoying Sound
Posted By: Horcane
Hello, first my english is not so good. I hear an annoying Sound. I think it was the Blizzard Whisper Sound. Which Addon use this? Thank you for your hard Work :) " Found it !!! ... ElvUI Chat Notifications -> Play Sounds for "Tanks %MYNAME% etc" ... :D