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File: ItemRack03-28-10
Posted By: Valanya
I'm assuming Gello quit updating due to the WoW Equipment Manager that's default in the game. Why bother updating a mod that is already covered in game?
File: Crystal UI (Aion: Tower of Eternity)03-16-09
Posted By: Valanya
I'd like you to either do a version for 800x600 or one that can be easily adapted to that size. Thanks! <3
File: ShiftFocus07-25-08
Posted By: Valanya
I hope you don't mind, but I plan on taking your addon and modifying it a bit; since I already have ways of dealing with focus targets, they aren't my issue. What I really could use, especially on my warrior and feral druid, is an easy way to turn spells into mouseover spells with a modifier. EDIT: I'm finding that I might n...
File: GridMending03-05-08
Posted By: Valanya
I'd like to request that this be posted on wowace.com, since all the other Grid modules I know of are there and it would make sense. Just my 2c. Thanks for the addon :)