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File: MayronUI Gen503-03-15
Weak Auras
Posted By: kevin789
So I've just recently started to use weak auras and have noticed that the links that other weak auras users post in the chat don't work. The link should import the weak aura that the other player has created, however I have found that the actual core Mayron ui addon is the one that is stopping this import by link function from wor...
File: MayronUI Gen510-23-13
Re: Minimap icons
Posted By: kevin789
Hi everyone, can someone tell me how I'm doing the minimap icons visible? type /bazooka to get the addon to display its settings theres a box to untick there for icons
File: MayronUI Gen510-12-13
Low Health Screen Glow
Posted By: kevin789
Could anyone help me out with finding the addon that's blocking the full screen red glow when you have low health? Thanks in advance.
File: MayronUI Gen510-11-13
I've installed sexy map but I still...
Posted By: kevin789
I've installed sexy map but I still can't get addon map icons to show still, the default ones are showing though (mail, tracking, dungeon etc) Any help with finding the correct settings to let sexymap handle buttons. Cheers.