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File: Deadly Boss Mods04-10-13
Posted By: Enkil
I have noticed that the sound , female voiced "Warning" is not an option anymore for warnings/special warnings in the gui options. Is there any chance we could have this back.???
File: ShardAce10-13-06
Posted By: Enkil
Thx for the update Norque...=p
File: cgCrafty09-22-06
Posted By: Enkil
Wonder if Chuck is alive...=)
File: ShardAce09-05-06
Summoner Menu
Posted By: Enkil
Is there a reason for No Cooldowns on the Summoner Menu or a Detailed Tooltip as per the Spellbook?
File: EasyRaid06-29-06
Posted By: Enkil
I cannot get the display of buffs to appear as you have yours. And I am not sure why. Showing only castable buffs displays ONLY Demon Armor. Uncheckingt this feature shows ALL the buffs, blood pact, demon armor, AI, Fort, Paw, AB, ect ect. How did you get it too look how it is suppose to in your picture of buffs? sigh, wish we...
File: FuBar 3.6.506-29-06
Nothing Wrong
Posted By: Enkil
There is nothing wrong w/ Fubar and patch 1.11.1. So it's most likely another mod you are using. @ckknight, any reason the .toc wasn't updated on all your plugins for 1.11? Even though they're up to date.
File: EasyRaid06-22-06
Posted By: Enkil
Thanks for the quick reply Soin. Yeah, I seen on forums they misintentionally disabled the playsoundfile, slouken pfft =p Well, was in raid last night, and first time I actually binded my key for debuff/buff switching, (always just left it on debuff). Well when I switched to buff's, it was only showing the warlock demon armor....
File: EasyRaid06-21-06
Posted By: Enkil
The aggro alert sound isn't firing for me. Not sure why it isn't either. BTW, you state in the functionality of EasyRaid that it fetches the MainTanks from CTRA or oRA, but then why does it have the option of dragging and dropping the main tanks itself if it does get them from the other addons? And since the patch I have not been...
File: Bongos206-20-06
Posted By: Enkil
your FAQ link says the following. "Error You are not the owner,team member or an admin of this portal."
File: Bongos206-16-06
chat mod
Posted By: Enkil
What chat mod is that your using in your screenshots Tuller? I use cleanchat wich does about the same thing, but yours is alot cleaner..=)
File: EasyRaid06-16-06
Nice Mod
Posted By: Enkil
everything is great, just though if you might like the sound of having percentages on the health bars =)
File: FuBar - HonorFu05-24-06
Originally posted by Shark stoppe...
Posted By: Enkil
Originally posted by Shark stopped working completely with latest fubar (the only plugins that does not work on my system) HonorFu: Cannot hook into given plugin. Mine says the same thing.
File: FuBar - PerformanceFu05-23-06
Great addon know complaints what so...
Posted By: Enkil
Great addon know complaints what so ever, just curious if the MEM color is suppose to be red all the time *lol* or if it just means my memory is getting to high? =p
File: FuBar 3.6.505-23-06
Posted By: Enkil
I did a search on forums, couldn't find anything on it, and was curious what Overflow Addons actually meant under the options tooltip? nub question *blush*