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Perhaps I should have explained a l...
Posted By: Shakespeares
Perhaps I should have explained a little bit better, I'm more looking to see if doing something like this was possible; having a second line of combo points rather than a buff timer. http://i.imgur.com/EVkLeJ2.png Here's how they currently look using Weak Auras. I tried to get this to work with your ui, but just didn't flow wit...
File: ViksUI11-09-13
Rogue anticipation
Posted By: Shakespeares
Just giving a look at your ui as a rogue. I see you have a buff for anticipation, but it's rather confusing to look at that versus what I was using in my old ui. Would it be possible to move the dot timer on mobs and replace it with a second line of combo points? Or instead of move the dot timer( ex. Deadly poison) move it up to allo...