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File: Altz UI for Legion02-22-18
Is there a profile setting somewher...
Posted By: Critney
Is there a profile setting somewhere to copy to another toon?
File: Dugi Questing Essential09-29-17
Can this be used with a custom UI l...
Posted By: Critney
Can this be used with a custom UI like Elvui?
File: Exalted With The Floor Fan Update09-28-17
Posted By: Critney
Will this skin with Elvui?:)
File: Rune-It-All08-19-17
Anyone know of a good Shard tracker...
Posted By: Critney
Anyone know of a good Shard tracker for Warlocks? :p
File: MayronUI Gen507-24-17
Warlock Classbar
Posted By: Critney
Hello I am new to your UI. And its beautiful. :o However I am having a small problem. I will attach a screenshot if I can figure out how too. lol But if not the classbar the soul shard fragments are going way past the unitframes. And also can you please tell me how to make the Party/Raid frames show? Thank you. Have a beautiful day!...
File: MaoR UI08-12-16
Do you have this in English?:banana...
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Do you have this in English?:banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:o:p:p:p:p:p
File: SuperVillain UI08-09-16
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Has anyone heard from Munglunch about any updates? I have been trying to find a replacement UI until this is fixed, but even though there are alot of beautiful and awesome UIs out there none compare to Supervillan! I am totally lost. lol :(:(:(
File: DecUI08-09-16
Posted By: Critney
Just wanted to say very nice ui. I do have a few questions. First of all how do I turn off the chat bubbles. And second if I wanna replace a few of your addons will it make the ui unstable? For example: Your UI My Addons World flight map Replaced by Flight map enhanced Your bags...
File: SimpleEmoticon02-15-14
Can u plz tell me the / command to...
Posted By: Critney
Can u plz tell me the / command to get the window to show? I tried everything that you have listed. BTW looks like a fun addon.:p