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File: KaitUI01-19-15
Micro menu and KG panels
Posted By: Darkfart
Hi Kait, I used your UI in the past and was really impressed :) Now I was excited that you released a new UI and I installed it yesterday as you descriped. But I think I got the same problem as Flaquyl. KG panel error when clicking the left hand button and the Micro menu didn't appear. So is there a plan to fix that? I don...
File: ArkInventory11-03-14
New bag in 6
Posted By: Darkfart
Hi, I love your addon :) Just a question: I have problems with the new material bag in patch 6. It doesn't show the materials ! Also the empty storage isn't working. Any idea? Best Regads Darkfart
File: ElvUI Kkthnx11-03-14
Posted By: Darkfart
Hi, short question: when I'm in a raid group and change the location ( port ) I got lua-error which tells me about the unit frames and gps-function. Any idea? I will try to get a screen shot of this. Best Regads Darkfart
File: ElvUI Kkthnx10-29-14
Proposal window
Posted By: Darkfart
Hi, first of all I have to say that your UI is the best :) I'm using it since it came out and it's still awesome :) I just have a short question or 2: Since yesterday I get always a proposal window to change equipment . Mostely there are 2 items compared and you can press okay to change the items automaticly. Is that from yo...
File: ElvUI Kkthnx10-26-14
Posted By: Darkfart
Hi, I did a clean install but when I wanted to do the install I got tons of lua-errors? Please help :) Darkfart
File: ElvUI Kkthnx Beta09-11-14
Posted By: Darkfart
Hi Kkthnx nice to hear from you again :) I'm using you fantastic UI from the beginning and still satisfied with it :) Is this version for the actual version or just for WoD? Best Regards Darkfart Forget it. I just saw the ElvUI 7 is required :)
File: ElvUI Kkthnx04-10-14
Hi Kkthnx, first of all I want t...
Posted By: Darkfart
Hi Kkthnx, first of all I want to thank you for the amazing UI. I'm using it right now for a while and it's really great :) Do you plan any updates ? Best Regards Darkfart