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File: ElvUI Kkthnx Beta09-11-14
Posted By: Darkfart
Hi Kkthnx nice to hear from you again :) I'm using you fantastic UI from the beginning and still satisfied with it :) Is this version for the actual version or just for WoD? Best Regards Darkfart Forget it. I just saw the ElvUI 7 is required :)
File: ElvUI Kkthnx04-10-14
Hi Kkthnx, first of all I want t...
Posted By: Darkfart
Hi Kkthnx, first of all I want to thank you for the amazing UI. I'm using it right now for a while and it's really great :) Do you plan any updates ? Best Regards Darkfart
File: Kait Mage UI 311-15-13
Can't get it work :(
Posted By: Darkfart
Hi there, first of all: very nice UI ! I love the screenshots :) But I can't get it to work. I downloaded the files, cleaned up my interface and wtf folder and copied the files to it. I logged into WoW but all addons are default. There are no profiles available ! Nothing ! Just standard. Did I made something wrong? Is maybe the...