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File: rNamePlates (Diablo)11-26-13
Re: Re: Bug or addon problem
Posted By: Thelothian
Someone else reported that issue aswell. I cannot reproduce it though, not on live, not on the PTR. Which version of WoW are you playing on? It may be possible that there is an old Blizzard config setting in your WTF folder that causes it. To prove it you could backup your WTF folder and try it with an empty WTF folder again only wit...
File: rNamePlates (Diablo)11-25-13
Bug or addon problem
Posted By: Thelothian
I found a bug or maybe a configuration problem. I have to figure out if it appears only on my computer or is a global problem. If I use rNamePlates everything seems to work until I'm not viewing target with nameplate active (therefore nameplates are no longer displayed on screen). When I go back to view an item with active nameplate,...