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File: Tidy Plates11-28-13
I did not because it wasn't the pur...
Posted By: Korgrim
I did not because it wasn't the purpose of the theme, and the combo points widget have the same textures on every theme. but, you can do it, if you want. :)
File: Tidy Plates11-27-13
Combo Points on Blizzard Theme
Posted By: Korgrim
Hi, I like the official nameplates. So, I've tinkered a new theme based on the default TidyPlates' Blizzard Theme, and added combo points on it. Screenshot : http://rpgamers.fr/temp/TidyPlates/TidyPlates-Blizzard.jpg Download : http://rpgamers.fr/temp/TidyPlates/TidyPlates-Blizzard.zip Blizz-like Configuration : ("char...