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File: Skaarj UI01-27-14
Does anyone know how the change the...
Posted By: cikopp
Does anyone know how the change the font, Cause I can't see anything.. everything's blurry, and my eyes hurt.. if anyone could help me I would be greatfull Thanks in advance!
File: MayronUI Gen501-25-14
I need help.
Posted By: cikopp
Hello guys, this UI pack was working perfectly fine until today, when I logged in I saw something different. Grid went back to basic, same as nothing was modified. Then I thought that I need to upg the UI pac and that's what I did, I've updated it and Grid is still the same, tried to modify it but I have no clue how to do that. Also...
File: MayronUI Gen512-31-13
EDIT: I've fixed all of my problems...
Posted By: cikopp
EDIT: I've fixed all of my problems, thanks everyone for the help! ;D