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File: oUF_Karma03-14-14
Awesome Ginkgo, glad that you got i...
Posted By: ginkgo
Awesome Ginkgo, glad that you got it to work for you. Does everything still line up well? Yes the UI work fine for me, except the hunter focus value problem that i mentioned before. I use the simple other ui "StayFocused", so I am happy now. XD
File: oUF_Karma03-13-14
support the chinese font display.
Posted By: ginkgo
I play the wow -taiwan. The font in this addon can not display the chinese text. So I change some code. the cfg.lua file line 85, I add the standard text font -------------------------------------------- cfg.namefont = STANDARD_TEXT_FONT -- add this lline cfg.font = mediaFolder.."ROADWAY.ttf" cfg.smallfont = mediaFold...
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Hi Unkn, Sorry for my poor engli...
Posted By: ginkgo
Hi Unkn, Sorry for my poor english. The value is accurate. I think the value is updated 1 second. The hunter's focus is only 100, my hunter can recover 5 focus value per second, so I see the value text change from 28-33-38. I want to know how can I change this. I want to see the value display like 28-29-30-31-32-33 ( the text d...
File: oUF_Karma01-04-14
The hunter focus number can NOT display continuous
Posted By: ginkgo
Hello , I recently use the oUF_karma。Most things work fine, but I meet a problem. I use the hunter , the focus number NOT display continuous. It just like the 26 > 30 -> 33. I have modify the core.lua and about the line 59 self.Health.frequentUpdates = true self.Health.colorSmooth = true self.Health.Smooth...