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File: Xui - Elvui Edit02-13-14
Posted By: Silveradoz
It has taken me a few weeks to reply, but since I had so many problems I switched to a few other UI's.. but couldn't take it anymore and had to come back to this one. Since switching back this morning, I've had no problems at all. Everything is working perfectly. Thank you again for this great UI :)
File: Towelliee's Tank UI / LUI (16:9)01-18-14
Is there a way to use the quartz bu...
Posted By: Silveradoz
Is there a way to use the quartz buffs along with SuF? Every time I try to enable them, they show up on the middle of the screen behind my main-action bars.
File: Xui - Elvui Edit01-10-14
Posted By: Silveradoz
Everything seems to be working fine, I finally got it to stop auto-adjusting to a small resolution, now the only problem is all of my options (graphics settings, resolution settings, advanced, sound, etc) have no drop down menu or text, rendering me unable to switch resolutions or change any graphical settings... Any solutions? W...