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File: FuBar - SkillsPlusFu08-31-06
A nice option (if not to difficult...
Posted By: Lodoran
A nice option (if not to difficult to code?) would be to have a "short" display format of text in FuBar, so one can have the icon visible and only the cooldown info beside it. I.e. not show the text "Skill" or "Alchemy" etc... it would save some space :)
File: Bongos206-26-06
It seems with bongos that my experi...
Posted By: Lodoran
It seems with bongos that my experience bar shows at always full? Maybe I'm doing something wrong... but changing it into a "reputation bar" (by checking the option "show as experience bar" in the Reputation tab) makes it work as intended for the reputation, going back and unckecking the opton gives me a full blue bar again (and I'm...
File: FuBar 3.6.506-20-06
FuBar and detached tooltips
Posted By: Lodoran
Hi ckknight, I'll start with saying that I just love FuBar, however there's one issue I have... is it possible to make detached tooltips "clickable" even if they are locked in place? As I've understood it that's a limitation in FuBar itself - not in the different plugins. Plugins like CorkFu, OutfitterFu and probably others an...