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File: ArkInventory11-25-08
Greater Cosmic Essence
Posted By: Glorah
These don't report to the Enchanting skill bar, although the Lesser ones do.
File: ArkInventory11-23-08
ArkInventory is not showing any que...
Posted By: Glorah
ArkInventory is not showing any quest items for WotLK quests. Should it be or have those not beeen added yet?
File: AutoAspect11-12-08
Posted By: Glorah
How do I get it to work with Parrot? I am using the command: /aa parrot on but that doesn't work.
File: Fortress08-31-08
How to Separate Blocks?
Posted By: Glorah
If you stck two blocks together and change your mind, how do you separate them?
File: X-Perl UnitFrames07-29-07
Frame Scale
Posted By: Glorah
Is there a way to save frame scales between different layouts? I have a 10 man raid layout (Raid Frame Scale 100%) and a 25 man raid layout (Raid Frame Scale 80%). However, when I switch between them I have to change the scale manually each time. Is there a way to save this?
File: Clique07-27-07
Left Click
Posted By: Glorah
I would like to bind a simple left click to a spell. As you know, Clique has no problem doing that, but if I do it I lose the normal function of left click, which is select. My question is, can I retain the select function by binding some other mouse click combination to be select? So if I left click on a player frame I cast, for...
File: X-Perl UnitFrames07-13-07
Re: Re: Re: Not Usable
Posted By: Glorah
Originally posted by Zeksie 2.3.2a fixes the problem with 'max' (was only for MobHealth2 users, which is why I missed it). Working perfectly now with 2.3.2a update. Thanks!
File: X-Perl UnitFrames07-12-07
Not Usable
Posted By: Glorah
Doesn't show party members, wrong and inconsistant health values, frequent error messages. I reinstalled 2.3.1. Great mod, thanks for all your hard work.
File: X-Perl UnitFrames07-08-07
Re: Re: Re: Re: Lost Target
Posted By: Glorah
Originally posted by Zeksie Hehe. No. it's not something that's permentant. Some other mod that you have enabled taints something during it's startup procedure. Just check you have up-to-date action bars and whatever else you can. Test X-Perl without any other mods that it works properly, then enable some and re-test, enable more a...
File: X-Perl UnitFrames07-08-07
Re: Re: Lost Target
Posted By: Glorah
Originally posted by Zeksie Glorah, please read the comments in the changelog.txt file regarding targetting issues. Thanks, should have checked the changelog first. So, how does one fix a "taint?" If I delete all my addons, my WTF folder and my cache folder and reinstall everything will that do it? Or do I have to reeinstall...
File: X-Perl UnitFrames07-07-07
Lost Target
Posted By: Glorah
I am running into a persistant error with the newest (2.3.1) version of x-perl. About 20 to 25% of the time I can't see the unit frame for my target, or target of target. I can see my own unit frame, and the unit frames of my party members, but not the target. This seems to happen most often when a mob attacks me, rather than when I...
File: Grid02-03-07
Hide Party Frames?
Posted By: Glorah
I am a new convert to GRID, but I have a question: How do you hide the Party Frames when using GRID? The Party Frames are the portraits of the four other party members that appear under your portrait when you are in a party. The Blizzard UI has an option to hide the party frames when you are in a raid, but, obviously, not when yo...
File: ShadowOff01-13-07
Works now
Posted By: Glorah
>I fixed the error by upgrading the Gratuity-2.0 library with WowAceUpdater to version 21556. I updated it with externals (press F12) then renamed the current Gratuity lib in Shadowoff's directory and copied in the updated version. Works fine now . Hope this helps others.< Downloaded and installed the Gratuity 2.0 library, as sugg...
File: ShadowOff01-12-07
Not working at all
Posted By: Glorah
On startup gives this error message: ...\AddOns\ShadowOff\Libs\Gratuity_2.0.lua:51:SetOwner():Can't set owner to self I am not running any addon called "Gratuity" After loading, if I try to use ShadowOff it fails with this error message: Interface\AddOns\ShadowOff\ShadowOff.lua:53: attempt to call method 'SetPlay...
File: FuBar 3.6.512-29-06
Re: Re: Re: Auto-adjust frames bug?
Posted By: Glorah
Originally posted by break19 Easier work around, use your keybinding to close the map.. it auto-fixes the frames.. My bug is a little more irritating: Every time I open wow, all my plugins are turned off, I have to manually load the profile for my character. Yes, that happens to me too but not every time.
File: FuBar 3.6.512-28-06
Auto-adjust frames bug?
Posted By: Glorah
Great addon but I have noticed what appears to be a minor bug with the auto-adjust frames command. I keep this command checked and generally it keeps the character portrait and the minimap down below the Fubar frames, as it should. However, if I open and then close the main map, when I close the map the frame adjustment is lost and t...