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File: FreeUI05-20-14
RE Buffs/ DEbuffs
Posted By: Fume
Hi Haleth, I appreciate the debuffs / buffs are shown on your current target. I was more suggesting unit frames of other targets. So I could see when a priest popped pain suppression on himself or which targets in range have my debuff on them. Thanks in advance. Fume I know a lot of people have been wanting to change the fon...
File: FreeUI02-25-14
Unit Frame Buffs/Debuffs
Posted By: Fume
Hi, firstly great UI. I was wondering if you could suggest to me how i can get buffs / de-buffs to appear on enemy unit frames within your UI? I have attempted to download some other addons to do this but to no avail they don't seem to be active. If you can advise that would be great. Thanks