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File: rNamePlates (Diablo)10-18-14
changing textures
Posted By: ramzax
is there a way to change the textures? with the previous version I could change the paths: cfg.healthbarTexture = "Interface\\AddOns\\rNamePlates2\\media\\statusbar_smooth" cfg.castbarTexture = "Interface\\AddOns\\rNamePlates2\\media\\statusbar_smooth" to get the smooth version, but now it looks like this if I modify bar:Set...
File: bCastBars10-17-14
question about profiles
Posted By: ramzax
love the addon, just a quick question. Is there a way to save the options so I can have the same config across multiple targets? I can't find a SavedVariables file or where would I need to config the lua file for this to work?
File: bRaidFrames10-15-14
fantastic addon
Posted By: ramzax
Love this addon man! Any chance of it being updated for WoD? Would be awesome Edit: nevermind, figured it out :) Only modified a few of the spellIDs. Need to test if everything is working correctly. Here's the code if anyone wants it:
File: JamPlates Accessories08-27-14
Amazing addon :D. Would there be a...
Posted By: ramzax
Amazing addon :D. Would there be a way of showing my debuffs (dots), buffs on the target (like major damage cooldowns) and other debuffs (like cc)?
File: rNamePlates (Diablo)03-30-14
hey zork, love your addon. I was tr...
Posted By: ramzax
hey zork, love your addon. I was trying to add the abbreviated form of the remaining health and total health on the left side of the nameplate. Here's the modified code from a post before: local function UpdateHealth2(self) local hcur, hmin, hmax = self:GetValue(), self:GetMinMaxValues() local hrem = 0 if hmax > 0 then hr...