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File: JamPlates Accessories01-27-15
I think adding combo points is prob...
Posted By: ramzax
I think adding combo points is probably a good idea. I only use the addon for CC so I'm all for number 3. As for cooldowns, I've never liked having both buffs/debuffs and cooldowns on the nameplates, looks really messy imo. I'd rather just have buffs and track cooldowns with other addons, but it'd probably be a popular option. Any...
File: SmartFrameMover12-10-14
getting an error when trying to use...
Posted By: ramzax
getting an error when trying to use quest items in the objective tracker frame: 1x AddOn 'SmartFrameMover' tried to call the protected function 'UseQuestLogSpecialItem()'. !BugGrabber\BugGrabber.lua:589: in function :: in function 'UseQuestLogSpecialItem' ..._ObjectiveTracker\Blizzard_QuestObje...
File: lumUI12-08-14
Love your UI! Just a question, wha...
Posted By: ramzax
Love your UI! Just a question, what would I need to do to show both home & world latency on lumStats? I tried duplicating the function and changing 4 to 3 but it just crashes my game lol (yeah I'm a noob)
File: bdBags12-08-14
there is a "B" button can click but...
Posted By: ramzax
there is a "B" button can click but show nothing just a frame, what is that? o.o edit: i know what is that, but only show bags on bank. PS. any chance to add item color glow and sort? i think sort can just call blizzard's default function are you hiding the bag frame with a script?
File: bUI11-17-14
I second bBag! :p and please do bRa...
Posted By: ramzax
I second bBag! :p and please do bRaidTweaks too. I love that addon so much and I failed trying to update it :(
File: CooldownWatch11-16-14
I'm sitting at a crossroads now reg...
Posted By: ramzax
I'm sitting at a crossroads now regarding the future of this addon. Starting with WoD, cooldown frames will start to display their own countdown text by default. Right now, this is only enabled on the actionbars. My choices are to either expand on this feature by enabling it for all other cooldown frames and resizing the text to f...
File: rNamePlates (Diablo)10-18-14
changing textures
Posted By: ramzax
is there a way to change the textures? with the previous version I could change the paths: cfg.healthbarTexture = "Interface\\AddOns\\rNamePlates2\\media\\statusbar_smooth" cfg.castbarTexture = "Interface\\AddOns\\rNamePlates2\\media\\statusbar_smooth" to get the smooth version, but now it looks like this if I modify bar:Set...
File: bCastBars10-17-14
question about profiles
Posted By: ramzax
love the addon, just a quick question. Is there a way to save the options so I can have the same config across multiple targets? I can't find a SavedVariables file or where would I need to config the lua file for this to work?
File: bRaidFrames10-15-14
fantastic addon
Posted By: ramzax
Love this addon man! Any chance of it being updated for WoD? Would be awesome Edit: nevermind, figured it out :) Only modified a few of the spellIDs. Need to test if everything is working correctly. Here's the code if anyone wants it: http://pastebin.com/4higX89L
File: JamPlates Accessories08-27-14
Amazing addon :D. Would there be a...
Posted By: ramzax
Amazing addon :D. Would there be a way of showing my debuffs (dots), buffs on the target (like major damage cooldowns) and other debuffs (like cc)?
File: rNamePlates (Diablo)03-30-14
hey zork, love your addon. I was tr...
Posted By: ramzax
hey zork, love your addon. I was trying to add the abbreviated form of the remaining health and total health on the left side of the nameplate. Here's the modified code from a post before: local function UpdateHealth2(self) local hcur, hmin, hmax = self:GetValue(), self:GetMinMaxValues() local hrem = 0 if hmax > 0 then hr...