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File: Clique07-19-16
I can't get profiles to switch. Tec...
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I can't get profiles to switch. Technically you have 3 specs now. With that said I have a slu of errors and stuff I am eliminating one at a time.
File: Hope UI Compilation11-12-14
Sorry for the delay
Posted By: HopeTv
Hey guys I am sorry for the delay on the release of the UI comp, A lot has changed!!! Fixed all issues and to be honest it is more functional. However, Stuf Unit frames has not updated they're API so there is a conflict with masque, it will no skin the buffs and debuffs properly, puts an ugly solid color around them. Would you gu...
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)11-04-14
Unable to skin buffs/debuffs
Posted By: HopeTv
Prior to 6.0.2 I was able to skin the buffs/debuffs with masque through the global options. Now it wont skin, it just puts a solid grey color around the buff instead of the actual skin IE: renatrae or cath or any other skin. Is their a conflict with masque? I am not throwing any errors. Any chance on a fix? I am referring to buffs...
File: Hope UI Compilation05-23-14
Re: Re: Resizing!
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Just wondering if there is a way to shrink it all so I can play on Windowed mode and not have everything be shoved awkwardly. I also downloaded the update from here, but still can't right click profiles. The issue is with click, my keybindings are set to diff mouse buttons to rightclick. I am removing Clique in future updates j...
File: Hope UI Compilation05-04-14
hi there, ive got a bit of a probl...
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hi there, ive got a bit of a problem :( when i click on someone in grid to heal them 1 2 3 and 4 stop working sometimes unless i mash the shit out of them 5 and 6 and everything else works fine, now at first i thought it was my keyboard but ive tried 4 keyboards now and its the same problem, im not getting any lua errors it just...
File: Hope UI Compilation05-03-14
Confirmed all profiles in the updat...
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Confirmed all profiles in the update can right click
File: Hope UI Compilation05-02-14
Excuse me, I love your interface an...
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Excuse me, I love your interface and i use it but i have one question about your interface. How you put a master loot when you are in raid group ? If I right click on my face nothing option ... Thx for your answer. The right click was fixed in this recent update. What profile/class are you loading in relfux?
File: Hope UI Compilation05-01-14
Beautiful UI! Silly question, but...
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Beautiful UI! Silly question, but which addon is it that you have the kill order for Paragons on your screenshot? I know it's a kind of notepad addon but I keep losing track of it lol. Just Weakauras 2 using the text aura option. Use it for CD rotations and kill orders instead of using a whole different UI
File: Hope UI Compilation05-01-14
yo :) gotta delete wtf again ? or...
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yo :) gotta delete wtf again ? or just update ? Must clean install every update like you did before
File: Hope UI Compilation04-30-14
Updated to Version 1.1 -Removed...
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Updated to Version 1.1 -Removed all art work, streamlined chat/skada windows with class color -Buffs are now clickable off -Removed Clique profiles, was causing issues with right/left click based on my mouse bindings -Fixed Social frame to condense BNet App Friends -Added Gladiusx for arena frames and Battleground Targets -Ad...
File: Hope UI Compilation04-27-14
thats brill mate :) also u have pa...
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thats brill mate :) also u have party frames and focus frames inc targets etc all disabled by default, but when i enable them they arent skinned like the other frames, ive moved them a bit now and tried to copy from other frames they dont look as good but they will do for now :p maybe something you could add for future update...
File: Hope UI Compilation04-25-14
hi mate, just started trying this u...
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hi mate, just started trying this ui, so far it looks awesome ! i havent had chance to do anything tidy yet like pvp raiding etc, but im just going through my alts to do reflux and to move spells on bars and sort keybinds etc noticed 1 thing so far atm when i was on pala it was showing my illuminated shield on raid frames and EF...
File: AtlasLoot Enhanced04-19-14
Wishlist swapping
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Hey great addon I have used it for years. TY. Any chance to be able to add wishlists to the Quicklooks. I use multiple wishlists. IE: ! for Protection, 1 for holy and one for Ret on my paladin. Would be nice to hot key them. Or atleast be able /command it. /atlasloot wishlist Prot for example. Thanks again Forget it I'm burn...
File: Hope UI Compilation04-04-14
Re: Great work
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Hi Hope, just want to say awesome work on this UI, I used Derevka's UI throughout Cata and loved it but due to my MANY alts it was annoying to change around so i look forward to using this. Awesome TY! Let me know if you have any issues or Q's