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File: TomTom09-06-13
Just downloaded. One issue I seem...
Posted By: jaeSun
Just downloaded. One issue I seem to have, is that I have the "clear waypoint distance" to 0. I have relogged to make sure the setting takes affect. Yet, I still run into it clearing waypoints when I get too close (usually, right on top of the coordinate). Usually doesn't happen at every waypoint, but it does them all. any...
File: Satrina Buff Frames 312-15-09
Originally posted by AnrDaemon Wh...
Posted By: jaeSun
Originally posted by AnrDaemon What is broken in this addon with 3.3.0a patch? It working fine for me. i believe you cannot create any new frames since patch. I have tried disabling all my addons with just SBF, but everytime i try and add a new buff frame, i get an error
File: NPCScan08-30-09
so in order to have npcscan look fo...
Posted By: jaeSun
so in order to have npcscan look for the Custom NPCs (where the new dino hatchling pets drop from, Takk the Leaper, Dart, Razormaw Matriarch, etc), i have to enable "Search for tamable NPCs" ?