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File: Supervillain UI (Classic)06-21-14
Quick question
Posted By: baumdiggity
Thank you for your quick response. I do have another question: While I am in raid, I keep announcing stuff like soulwells, feasts, misdirections, etc. I don't want that. How do I disable it? Thanks!
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)06-20-14
I would love to use this UI...
Posted By: baumdiggity
But it is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too buggy. Every time I use it (it is currently the only addon I have installed on a FRESH WoW install) I get a LUA error on login and the "COUNT" continually goes up. It is over 20,000 right now. I have tried this on all 3 of my computers and get the same thing. http://i.imgur.com/G4piCtU.png is...