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File: SellFish12-27-07
Here's a fix for error below - repl...
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Here's a fix for error below - replace the following in tooltips.lua: SetSendMailItem = function() return select(2, GetItemInfo(GetSendMailItem())), select(3, GetSendMailItem()) end,with SetSendMailItem = function(id) return select(2, GetItemInfo(GetSendMailItem(id))), select(3, GetSendMailItem(id)) end, Hope this helps!
File: ShaderMod CritTracker 3.0 Modded02-05-07
Re: SHader Mod Preist spell Shadow Word : Death not recognized
Posted By: sarf
Dirty30-Mouze: Temporary fix for your problem is to do this: /run MOONFIRE = "Shadow Word: Death" (it replaces the Moonfire spell with yours - unless you're using Moonfire with your Priest often this should not be a problem :) ) Sarf
File: SpellChecker201-31-07
Actually, I guess I could just stic...
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Actually, I guess I could just stick in the previous GUI, since it turned out not to be needing as much modification as I had thought. This will wait until *after* I have installed addons and stuff. Complete computer reinstallation is a bummer. Sarf
File: SpellChecker201-31-07
I've looked at UICentral, but can n...
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I've looked at UICentral, but can not seem to find any online documentation on it. I'll check into it later, after I have finished configuring my computer (again!). EDIT: Thanks for the help here ;) Sarf
File: Automaton01-26-07
Hiya! A request - can you add th...
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Hiya! A request - can you add the rep quest "More Obsidian Warbeads" ? It's a Consortium rep quest in Nagrand, and I guess it is only available up to a certain level which would explain why you'd missed it. Link to quest: http://www.wowhead.com/?quest=9892 Requires 10 Obsidian Warbeads. I use the WoW Ace updater, so I'd...
File: King Of The Jungle01-26-07
Thanks for an amazingly good addon!...
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Thanks for an amazingly good addon! Just a minor feature request here - could you please put Conjured stuff above all other stuff by default? There are, AFAIK, no reason for it not to be so by default (except for alphabetical order). Also, adding some sort of informational text to the diet page so one realizes that one can re-o...
File: RatingBuster11-05-06
Nice work! Could you please add...
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Nice work! Could you please add this information to the Wiki (probably best to link it to a seperate page) ? (I've added a link to this page from that Wiki page, but the data would probably be best kept on the wiki so more data points can be added and the conclusions verified) Sarf