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File: Skillet08-15-14
Love Skillet!
Posted By: xiz
I love Skillet! The colored bar it has that shows when a recipe will turn the various skillup colors it particularly neat! I'm quite curious how you calculate the skillup chance shown when cursoring over it. I found a slight bug in it though. It doesn't take racials into account: Its not adding 15 to each color in the bar for...
File: Altoholic08-01-14
Mail Bug in 5.4.008
Posted By: xiz
Found a bug in the latest version: When I mail something between my own characters when both sender and receiver are in the same guild, the mail items get doubled. The copy stays in the mail list as if it was in the mailbox even after opening the mailbox on the receiving character, and even after taking out the sent item(s). The...
File: Altoholic07-31-14
Daily Quests grid resetting early
Posted By: xiz
I love your addon! I use it heavily! Only had one problem with it so far: I've been seeing the Daily Quests grid get cleared early when I'm up late enough to see it. Then if I do dailies between then and 3AM Pacific time, they will still be in the addon's grid after they have reset in game. Rather confusing. I don't know...