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File: SmartBuff09-27-07
I have the problem that each time I...
Posted By: sasja
I have the problem that each time I log in, the SmartDebuff frame has moved off the screen! If I delete the SmartBuff file in the WTF folder and log in, SmartBuff will correctly restart with the debuff frame in the middle of the screen - but when I drag it to the position where I want it and relog, it's gone. Help?
File: Bartender303-09-07
Profile issue
Posted By: sasja
I've created the way I want my bars to be setup on one of my toons: All bars disabled except for bar1 and 2 which each have twelve buttons in two rows one beneath the other. But when I try to copy the profile there are some floating buttons that I can't get rid of - they don't seem to belong to any bar (they are there even if I dis...
File: FuBar - ToFu03-08-07
Druid flightpath from Moonglade
Posted By: sasja
ToFu doesn't seem to recognise the druid flightpath between Ruth'eran Village and Moonglade - no matter how often I fly it, there's only an estimated time :(
File: Unit Frame Action Bars03-03-07
I had the issue that tott bars popp...
Posted By: sasja
I had the issue that tott bars popped up even though I had hidden them - actually even after I had hidden ALL ufab - whenever my tott frame popped up (using xperl). I'll check out later versions, hoping the issue will be fixed :) Thanks for working on getting us groupbuttons back!