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File: CTMod08-06-07
Bug reports?
Posted By: Xplosionist
I'm trying to figure out how to report a bug. I can't find any emails at ctmod.net that work. What's the recommended way to report a bug in the CT_ mod addons? Thanks...
File: CTMod12-08-06
Posted By: Xplosionist
It looks like CT_MapMod places the information in the upper left (CT_CoordX, CT_CoordY, and CT_NumNotes) too low in the window, 'y' dimentionally speaking. They were well into the map area and text blizzard puts into the map about zooming out. Thanks!
File: FuBar - ReagentFu06-12-06
Better icon in FuBar?
Posted By: Xplosionist
Hey there. I was noticing recently that the icon displayed in FuBar for ReagentFu has a black background, rather than having a masked icon. At least for the ankh image used for me (a Shaman). Could you update the icon to be masked, and therefore a little more pretty? AnkhTimerFu has a masked version of the same ankh icon, tho it'...
File: FuBar - ReagentFu06-03-06
Posted By: Xplosionist
Hey there. I looked at AnkhTimerFu, but sadly it doesn't track the Fish Scales and Fish Oil for my shaman. ReagentFu, however, doesn't track the cooldown time of my Ankh. Could that be added? I'd love to see a single plug-in that did effectively both of these...