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File: Capping11-05-10
Most everything works fine for me e...
Posted By: EvilCrew
Most everything works fine for me except for the auto-quest turn-ins for Alterac Valley. Didn't work in the 50s bracket, and not working in the 60s bracket.
File: NameViolation05-05-08
Protected function violation
Posted By: EvilCrew
I ran into a scenario during raid last night where NameViolation causes WoW to report back that it was attempting to access a protected fuction from a tainted thread (sorry, I don't have the exact error since it was mid-raid and I was trying to work around the issue and not hold things up). Anyway, to reproduce it, I had a mana o...
File: FuBar - Top ScoreFu04-03-08
No longer works in 2.4
Posted By: EvilCrew
Are there any plans to fix this mod so that it works with 2.4? It doesn't record any new records. An easy test is to create a new character. It can easily be seen that none of the new values are being recorded.
File: TradeJunkie10-28-07
recipe typo
Posted By: EvilCrew
I was looking at my jewelcrafter, trying to see what I was missing when I found this bug. Sovereign Shadow Draenite is listed as a recipe I do not have, however I do have it. I haven't taken the time to check out the source, but I believe the problem might be the fact that "sovereign" is mispelled in this mod as "soveriegn"
File: Outfitter04-16-07
New druid form request
Posted By: EvilCrew
I would like to request the addition of the druid form of flight to the list of supported sets. I know it's a bit premature, but in 2.1, there will be a trinket which increases movement speed for the two forms of flight. It would be nice to have outfitter automatically swap it in/out like the carrot or riding crop while mounted.
File: HotCandy04-12-07
How does Healbot manage it? The ke...
Posted By: EvilCrew
How does Healbot manage it? The key thing is that Healbot (and other similar mods) have static displays, meaning, the people represented by the bar never changes. If Person_A is the first person in the Healbot list, he will ALWAYS be the first person. For this mod, the bars are constantly changing. Dynamic data is not capable of...
File: HealBot Continued04-10-07
Originally posted by Strife >>>>...
Posted By: EvilCrew
Originally posted by Strife >>>> Before asking questions <<<< 1. Make sure you have read the FAQ's and Quick Guide below. 4. I have set spells/items but it doesn't work It is possible you have set spells for the bars in an enabled state and are clicking on them while disabled. Go back to the spells tab and check the Set Spell...
File: HealBot Continued04-09-07
New version, same problem :(
Posted By: EvilCrew
I still can't stop this thing from casting Mark of the Wild I have SmartCast disabled. I have Add buffs (under SmartCast) un-selected I've ensured that Mark of the Wild doesn't exist for ANY button option I really wish it wouldn't change what my buttons did in or out of combat. :(
File: HealBot Continued03-30-07
auto-spellcast (out of combat)
Posted By: EvilCrew
I just started using this mod for my druid and I'm liking it... mostly. Unfortunately, what I'm not liking is pissing me off something fierce and I'm desparetly hoping it's cause I have something misconfigured... I have my left click set to Regrowth and right-click set to Healing Touch. When out of combat, the left click auto-ch...
File: SmartBuff02-07-07
Regarding option #1, I thought it d...
Posted By: EvilCrew
Regarding option #1, I thought it did something different. Thanks for the help!
File: SmartBuff02-05-07
2 little nuisances
Posted By: EvilCrew
1) Rebuffing during combat: I'm a mage and I have it set to buff AI only when out of combat, but it buffs Molten Armor both in and out of combat. The nuissance is that, while in combat, if AI is about to fall off (less than 20 secs left on the buff), I get the warning that AI needs to be rebuffed. If I happen to not pay attention...
File: SmartBuff01-29-07
Key binding
Posted By: EvilCrew
I'm not sure when this started, but I just did a fresh install on another PC and I'm having a lot of trouble setting up a key for SB. Specifically, I'm trying to use Numpad 2. It just refuses to take the key. To make this more interesting, I use the same key on my primary PC and it works fine, but when I check the key bindings, it...
File: SmartDebuff01-24-07
Feature request
Posted By: EvilCrew
Firstly, I'm embarassed to say that, at the start, I pretty much dismissed this addon :(. It came with SmartBuff, so I had it installed, but other than that, I always ignored it. I'm not finding out that I'm really liking this little gem. I've since dropped my clique/grid combo for debuffing and I'm using this exclusively. Howe...
File: CharacterInfo01-18-07
Trying to move the frames = frustrating
Posted By: EvilCrew
Because of the way my UI is set up, the frames always popup with the "title" area of the character window hidden behind a unit frame. Because of this, I can't move the frames and it's frustrating. I've tried moving the unitframe, then move the cis frame, then moved back my unitframe. Next time I log in, the cis frame is back where...
File: Bagnon01-14-07
Originally posted by Tuller Make...
Posted By: EvilCrew
Originally posted by Tuller Make sure you're using the most recent version. I know I implemented some changes specifically for the 2.0.3 patch shortly after it was implemented on the beta realms. I'm pretty sure 2.0.3 came out in January (wasn't it 2.0.1 that came out in December?). If I'm right, then we don't have the latest...
File: SmartBuff01-06-07
still a problem with g1
Posted By: EvilCrew
I'm still having a problem with the g1 version. When I start up, I get the error "Interface\AddOns\SmartBuff\SmartBuff.lua:1074:attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)" Back I go to version f again :(
File: SmartBuff01-04-07
Problems with 2.0g
Posted By: EvilCrew
I use FuBar and this version comes up with an error around line 3817 (sorry, forgot to write down the line). I noticed that elsewhere in the file, the FuBar lines were commented, so I commented these out. Well, that led to more problems, so I just went back to 2.0f
File: MetaMap12-21-06
Potential bug - protected code
Posted By: EvilCrew
I ran into an error and I'll try my best to describe what I was doing when it happened. Sorry I don't have a screenshot. Honestly, I didn't think of it :( . I received a popup from the client indicating that MetaMap attempted to use/call a protected function. I had 2 buttons I could click. One was to unload the addon, the other...
File: FuBar - AmmoFu09-01-06
Download link messed up?
Posted By: EvilCrew
Is it just me, or is the download link wrong? I looks like I'm getting the actual FuBar 2.0 addon and not the Ammo addon. *edit* Ok, it's not just me :) The previous post snuck in before mine
File: FuBar - HonorFu08-24-06
BG error
Posted By: EvilCrew
For those getting the error, you don't need to remove the addon. Simply uncheck the option that adds information to the popup. The error occurs when you get the tooltip on the person you mouse-over
File: MetaMap07-22-06
Re: Re:
Posted By: EvilCrew
Originally posted by MetaHawk Extended Options > MetaMapFWM tab. Untick the 'Always On' option. Thank you. Much appreciated
File: MetaMap07-20-06
"View Unexplored areas" optin
Posted By: EvilCrew
Is there any way to get this setting to remember its value? I prefer having it unchecked for all of my chars but I have to uncheck it every time I log in.