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File: Neuron03-28-18
Re: You can't do that right now.
Posted By: Big_Fish
Currently getting a bug randomly that will not allow me to use button 7 on one of my bars. When it happens, I get the message "You can't do that right now" and the macro on that bar will not work. Happens on every character I have. Out of curiosity, does this happen right after you've been in a vehicle or something that overrides...
File: QuestGuru02-14-18
sound errors
Posted By: Big_Fish
I'm seeing errors when opening and closing QuestGuru. Is this addon still being maintained? If so, I hope it can be fixed. The errors are sound related. Let me know if you need a screenshot of the error I'm getting.
File: HealBot Continued08-24-15
chakras changing
Posted By: Big_Fish
I don't know if this is supposed to be happening but my chakras switch depending on the spells I'm casting. If I throw a shield on someone, it switches to Chastise. If I'm casting Circle of Healing, then it switches to Sanctuary. It does it only when using healbot, not when clicking on the action bar or out of the spell book. I h...