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File: TomTom06-20-15
Re: Re: /way xx xx Zonename
Posted By: FuriousPaul
Does /way 50 50 work for you? Does it work with no other addons installed? /way xx xx does work, but only for the current zone the player is in. I have addons (in-game guides) that need to have waypoints for other zones. And I have no other addons installed except the in-game guide, but it does the same without it.
File: TomTom06-18-15
/way xx xx Zonename
Posted By: FuriousPaul
Hello, I was wondeing if there is any way this command can be fixed again? I have numerous in-game leveling guides that use arrows for everything and this command is crucual for the guide to work: /way xx xx Zonename Tomtom seems to not work with this anymore. Any way for someone to fix this?
File: TomTom10-27-14
Zone waypoints
Posted By: FuriousPaul
Hi, this command does not always appear to work right: /way Zone xx xx For example this does not seem to work: /way Orgrimmar 45 50 Many others do not work either. Is this currently a known issue? Is this going to get fixed?