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File: ZMobDB Advanced602-09-08
Hello, With the 4.9 version when...
Posted By: Roshato
Hello, With the 4.9 version whenever I try to move my frames around on a new character, the frame that I am moving sticks to the cursor and I can not move any other frames but that one ( even after resets and reloads ). I reverted back to 4.8, but I really like the changes you have made and hope to be able to update it...:) I a...
File: FuBar - QuestsFu12-19-06
Fubar and ACE2
Posted By: Roshato
Hello all, I had alot of the same problems that has been discribed here with some of the FuBar addons. After some discussion with another Fubar author, I went to wowace and downloaded the ace2 standalone libs, this corrected all the problems I was having. The other auther said that he thought there was a bad lib going around and...
File: MetaMap12-11-06
Great Addon
Posted By: Roshato
Hello, I installed the lastest update and started receiving an error anytime I hit extended options: metamap.lua:961:attempt to index a nil value. Didn't have this error before this new update, and I have tried to roll back to the one right before this and now I receive it on both. I installed my old metamap.lua Sv files an...
File: CharacterInfo12-11-06
Posted By: Roshato
Wanted to give you update, I downloaded ACE2 lib from Wowace and installed it, all works fine now. Thank you
File: CharacterInfo12-11-06
Re: Re: Cis menu
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Originally posted by wmrojer What did you test. Ace2 standalone or CharcterInfo 0.1.19875? CIS 0.1.19875 is what I tried. I then removed the lib aceconsole from fubar, thinking it may be bad, but had the same error when I attempted the /cis menu command. I am not sure what is causing it, I like this mod alot, but I use alot of...
File: CharacterInfo12-10-06
Cis menu
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Nope, still same error. Will try some other things to see. not sure if removing the lib from fubar will help. Gonna try it, if I am understanding ACE2 correctly, it should be using the most current version for all the ace2 mods right?
File: CharacterInfo12-09-06
CIS and Fubar
Posted By: Roshato
Hello, For some reason, when I have CIS and Fubar(main addon, not plugins) enabled at the same time, the command /cis menu fails to work. I get no response at all when I hit enter, chat bar dosn't even register that I hit enter. Love this Mod, hope you can update it to work with Fubar. :) I did a phased disable, until I discov...
File: FuBar 3.6.506-08-06
might help
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Originally posted by tkieffer Also, FuBar 1.2 is completely not loading for me. I get a petinfo error when it loads, then nothing at all shows up on screen with 1.2.2230 or blank bars that have nothing that can be added to them with the most recent version of 1.2 Hello, I have had some of these problems as well. The way I co...