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File: Altoholic08-10-12
Syncing two accounts. Errors.
Posted By: Draque
Hi, what am i doing wrong? I try to sync 2 accounts, but more often then not, it fails. with errors like this: I tried to completely remove altoholic and datastore LUAs and SVs I also trying to stand side by side and use the TARGET option over the NAME option, since this "seems" to work better, but not allways. Is there anythi...
File: Cartographer08-28-07
there seems to be someone distribut...
Posted By: Draque
there seems to be someone distributing Cartographer on Curse. and not giving proper credit. http://wow.curse.com/downloads/details/8950/ just to let you know. He got reported, though. EDIT: it is still accessible by the link, but it seems to be removed now.
File: ToDo08-16-07
Hello, thank you for your work,...
Posted By: Draque
Hello, thank you for your work, time and effords ! I use this mod too for farming, or daily quests (great tool to prepare for the next day, when you dont have the quest yet.) My Problem is, I cant move the ToDo_Frame and its in the middle of my screen. I did it with Visor and worked nice, but on next login the Frame is scram...
File: Manage & view my Addons07-29-07
Originally posted by Mars85 Did y...
Posted By: Draque
Originally posted by Mars85 Did you enable "Hide if global state"? ouch :-( Sorry, yes that was it. ... the meaning of this checkbox didnt occur to me so i left it untouched Thank you.
File: Manage & view my Addons07-11-07
Show Enabled addons for Charname/Realm ... does not work
Posted By: Draque
Hello Mars, thanks for your work. I would like to see which addon i activated for a specific char, so i thought the option "Show Enabled addons for Charname/Realm" would be it ... but it gives me an empty list for the char. I tried it with all chars. Did i do something wrong or is this not the intended way ? I can see the...
File: Ping Direction06-11-07
direction "offset"
Posted By: Draque
Hi, thank you for your work. Pingdir worked fine for me, but since 2.1 the direction is wrong and constanly showing a little to far to the right. Is there something i can do about it ? Thanks
File: FuBar - QuestsFu03-16-07
Originally posted by Kemayo It sh...
Posted By: Draque
Originally posted by Kemayo It shouldn't have to have been installed when you got the quest, no. Which quest and item are you seeing this behavior with? (It's probably a bug.) I think it has to be some strange interaction with another addon. I removed tons of old addons (cosmos-stuff) and now i have your questitem-tooltip bac...
File: Guild Inventory03-14-07
Re: Re: AFK message
Posted By: Draque
Originally posted by Wintry That was an old bug, which should have been fixed in version 1.5.0. Does it occur when you are AFK, or the other player is AFK? Thanks for letting me know nonetheless, evidently there's still a problem with it. i do have the current version. and it happens when the other is AFK No need for than...
File: FuBar - QuestsFu03-13-07
Hello, item tooltip with quest p...
Posted By: Draque
Hello, item tooltip with quest progression does not seem to work for me Does the Addon has to be installed, when i get the quest ? i have monkeyquest running with a closed window now to have the itemtooltip back, but this is not so nice.
File: Guild Inventory03-13-07
AFK message
Posted By: Draque
i have an issue with AFK messages. I am online, then the guild-bank-char comes online and scans the bank, after i got an update correct, some other character from guild tries to refresh with my guild-inventory. When this char now is AFK i get spammed with "player is AFK" whisper messages. can anyone comfirm this ?
File: Paparazzi03-02-07
Hi, any chance of getting Custom...
Posted By: Draque
Hi, any chance of getting Custom Info on the Picture e.g.: * Place * Koordinates * Time * Character see: ZAXPostcard
File: Guild Inventory03-02-07
communication is still strange
Posted By: Draque
I have to say i do still have some problems, that i only just realized. Account1: Guildbank1 Account2: Officer1 Accountn: Membern and Officern Account1+2 are mine. only Officer1 can get the info from Guildbank1 Membern and Officern, dont get the Info from Guildbank1, but they do get it from Officer1 ! Does someone unde...
File: Guild Inventory03-02-07
Originally posted by Wintry Ok, I...
Posted By: Draque
Originally posted by Wintry Ok, I found the problem (and fixed it, I think). Yes, it works here too, thanks alot. I have some ideas: * Is it possible to get the location + into the request-mail ? (example below) * Is it possible that one guildbank character gets a copy of all requests ? (because i dont log into any but...
File: Guild Inventory02-09-07
Hello and first of all thank you fo...
Posted By: Draque
Hello and first of all thank you for your work. I am searching desperately for a clever guild-bank-addon, because there is nothing yet, that does what i want. Anyways, your idea is a great step, but: I dont see the bank as guildmember 2 accounts; 1 is Guildbank; 1 is user. * i modified and deployed the LUA as described (o...